RTU Alarm Panel

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he KSC low power RTU suits a wide range of application that include environmental monitoring, well monitoring , power metering , data logging, petrochemical and gas pipeline 

RTU Features

Intelligent management of power consumption allows the KSC RTU to be used with battery or solar sources Our RTU communication Standards are

  • V.92, Analog Data Modem
  • TCPIP/Ethernet network
  • GSM, SMS and CDMA

Technical Features

  • High Reliability with appearance
  • Ability of compact transmission data by V44/V42bit/MNP5Standard
  • Ability Of Error detector by V42LAPM/M/MNP2-4protocol with high security & reliability
  • 10inputs & 4 output channel (to be expandable by customer's need)
  • Data reception and command sending by outputs
  • Saving of communication data &receiving alarm in internal memory
  • Real Time Clock(RTC) for registration of alarm status with date, time and data
  • transmission to user PC and saved in data base for consideration by user
  • Windows- base software designing by customers’ nee