KSC's Alarm Annunciator

The alarm annunciator unit is used in a variety of application requiring monitoring of analog quantities such as temperature, current, voltage, power, etc. in power plants, substations and industry. It’s also used in off-shore installations. The annunciator units can be used as independent stand-alone units, or they can be integrated via a fiber-optic bus to form complete supervision, event sequence reporting and data acquisition systems 


  • User friendly
  • Fully programmable for all sequence according to ISA-S18.1 standard
  • PERATIONS: Indicate input state
  • SEQUENCE A: Automatic reset
  • SEQUENCE M: Manual reset
  • SEQUENCE R: Ring back
  • SEQUENCE R-1-2-9: Ring back with options
  • SEQUENCE F1A: Automatic reset first out with no subsequent alarm state
  • SEQUENCE F2M-1: Manual reset first out with no subsequent alarm flashing and silence pushbutton
  • SEQUENCE F3A: Automatic reset first out with first out flashing and reset pushbutton
  • Using a portable programmer with easy function and large LCD for sequences programming 
  • Dimension and alarm points (up to 255) based on customer needs
  • Using high bright LED lamp with very low power consumption
  • Module with low power consumption (1.2w/module)
  • Parameter selection and adjustment from front panel
  • Data history and logging up to 60000 records for each module
  • Connection between cells by back plain boards
  • Easy change of annuciator windows color and text

Summary of Technical Specification:

 Supply Voltage 24VDC Normal (21-30VDC),110/220AC (Optional)

  • Power consumption:     
  • Small window <0.48 w , Large window < 1w
  • Working condition
  • Operation temperature ………………………0 to 50 °C
  • Storage temperature…………………………20 to 80 °C
  • Operation and Storage Humidity …………..... 5 to 95% 
  • Window Dimension ……….Large: 80×40 mm,Small:40 ×40mm


  • All input is opt-coupled isolated
  • Input Sensitivity
  • 24to 220V AC/DC
  • - N/C contact-series resistance of contact cables 5k maximum
  • N/O contact-parallel resistance of contact cables 40k minimum


  • Relay
  • 1programmable relay on signal module for flashing Display
  • Normal or Abnormal input
  • 2Common Relay on common module for Horn and Abnormal input