KS Chemical Injection Package  

These packages are designed to inject chemical liquid (corrosion inhibitor- methanol— wax inhibitor- asphaltene inhibitor .....)To Pipeline and Wellhead Facilities in off shore / onshore  

  • Design by customers’ needs  
  • Design & produce of Storage Tank by customer needs  
  • Rate of dosing pump 0.1 lit/hr up to 15000 lit/hr  
  • Working pressure up to 700 bar  
  • Material of Storage tank: Stainless steel , Carbon steel  
  • Type of dosing pump: plunger and diaphragm  
  • Package Battery Limit Terminated by flange according to ASME Bl6.5 standard and customer requirement  
  • Surface prepare for painting by sandblast procedure  
  • Painting system by Epoxy paint in 3 stage (primate intermediate and top Coat) and Used Polyurethane for top coat stage according to RAL Standard 
  • Sending signal any for any faull to another place (control room/DCS syastem-SCADA system 
  • All electrical devices have ability to work in safe area (Zone 0~Zone 2)  
  • Ability to be controled by local panel /remote control  
  • Supply spare parts guaranty for 2 years  
  • Technical support for 10years