Ks is the exclusive representative of Bifold fluid power Co., Ltd in lran.  

Bifold was established over a century ago as a manufacture of valves for hazardous environments and is currently a leading supplier of electro-Hydraulic and pneumatic direction control valves for the oil and gas industry . 

with the takeover of Marshalsea Hydraulic,Bifold can now offer a large variety of pumps and intensifiers along with other high pressure , stainless steel fluid power equipment . 


1- Wellhead 

The Bifold product range for wellhead control, incorporating electro-hydraulic low pressure logic, is the widest there is. 

With a choice of 8000 types across 15 categories, and high and low power options for offshore and onshore, the customers are sure to find a valve to fit their application and with the addition of marshal sea‘s range, it gives you an even greater choice including pumps, relief valves and intensifiers.  

2- Actuator & chokes 

You can rely on Bifold for the widest range of directional valves for actuators and chokes .

They comply with major world- wide solenoid approvals including: ATEX , SAA , INMETRO , CCA and GOST. 

3- Subsea  

Experience gained since 1987 of successfully applyin valves directly immersed in sea water has been applied to develop the market leading performance . FPS10 range of shear seal type direction valve . 

World is first 180°c, 20000 psi valve for HPHT well SSSV control

World is first 130°c, 10000 psi meters subsea valve.  

4- Artie service  

Since the middle 1990 is , Bifold has demonstrated the ability of its direction control valves , to withstand the severity of environments in northern Alaska , Canada and Siberia . Bifold supply the largest range of pneumatic and hydraulic products for pressure from 2 to 690 bar , backed by testing in our in-house , state of the art climatic test chamber for temperature down to -70°c, including complete actuator control system testing .