K5 is the authorized distributer for ”BMT "products with Superlok brand In lran market . Best machining technology (BMT)is a high precision mechanical components manufacturer in the field of Automotive, Aerospace, semiconductor shipbuilding and oil-gas and petrochemical industries since its foundation in 1988 in south Korea.BMT have been nominated as an official supplier and manufacturer of Tube fittings & valves by big companies (Samsung , LG, Hyundai. etc).BMT mission is to supply its product, superlok with high quality and reliability to the customers through continuous R&D investment and strong quality control system.  The ultimate goal of BMT is to be a Technically Leading company in Tube fitting valves and make the brand superlok to be world's best.  


  • Instrumentation fittings &va|ves  
  • ABS (American Bureau of shipping)  
  • Lloyd (Lloyd Register of shipping )  
  • API (American Petroleum Institute)  
  • ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)  
  • ISO9001 (Quality Management System)  
  • lSO14001 (Environmental Management System)  
  • OHSMS 180011 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)  
  • 1)Fitting Series 
  • Tube fittings (Compression type)  
  • Applications: instrumentation, high pressure and temperature, Cryogenic service 
  • Maximum operating pressure : 9000 psig @ 38°C  
  • Operating temperature range : -198°C to 648°C  
  • Bite type tube fittings (JlS2B351)  
  • Applications: hydraulic ,pneumatic  
  • Max Operating pressure : 250 bar @ 38°C  
  • Operating temperature range 2 427°C  "